When Things Go Wrong

Bad Weather Credit Conditions
Bad weather: At our discretion we may hold a  credit for you for up to a year or you can raincheck for another day/boat. This applies only for boat used in the Exmouth vicinity. This includes areas between Exmouth Gulf and Tantabiddi.
Credit only applies to boats booked on a daily basis NOT weekly bookings. Weekly bookings already receive 2 days free hire to accommodate for incumbent weather.
Bad Weather defined:  We only provide credit for boats hired out in the Exmouth area only.  Winds in Exmouth  must exceed 15 knots for more than 1/2 the day (7hrs summer & 6 hrs winter) as measured by the BOM reading for Learmonth/Tantabiddi.
Coral Bay Bookings & other Bookings where boats are taken away from Exmouth Vicinity: We only use conditions based in Exmouth. So for example you take the boat to Coral Bay and if its too windy in Coral Bay, but not in Exmouth then no credit will be given for your booking due to bad weather.  It is your risk taking the boat to another location and we only offer the credit option for boats used in the Exmouth vicinity, which is our main service area.
If you have booked a boat and planned on taking it to a specific location where the wind conditions are unsuitable, then you are not entitled to a refund/credit if there are other alternatives where you can take the boat.  For example if you wish to go to the Murions Islands but its too windy to take the boat there, but conditions are suitable that you can take the boat to Tantabiddi then no credit or refund will be given if you choose not to exercise that option. A credit will only be given if it is blown out around all of the Exmouth-Tantabiddi area.
 If you are a fair weathered boater & you find it too rough to go out but the winds are under 15 knots, then its not deemed bad weather & no credit will be given.  Too avoid disappointment if you have a tendency for seasickness & require very calm conditions, it is best NOT to book a boat & wait until you are sure conditions will be suitable for you.
We recommend when booking a boat to allow for free days during your stay  so to allow for you to be able to move your hire date to a more suitable day of the weather goes to crap.



Refunds & Faulty Boats
A refund is only given if a vessel is found to be faulty by management or an authorised mechanic .  The refund will commence  from the day that the fault was brought to our attention.  To qualify for a refund hirers are obliged to inform management as soon as is practically possible of the fault.  If you are out of phone range due to your location, then it is your responsibility to get reception and inform us.  It is your risk if you take the boat to remote locations not ours.  So typically if at the end of your hire period you return the boat and tell us that the boat faulted the last couple of days of your hire, you will not be entitled to a refund.  You are obliged to inform us 2 days prior when the fault was detected, NOT at the end of the hire period.